The pants in the family


When I was still in college, I worked on a little local paper in Michigan.  It was the sort of publication that has evaporated from the American scene – a weekly, countywide, cheerful and plain, serving a mostly rural audience and a few suburban outliers here and there. The nearby college and capitol city were so alien to this world that in all the time I worked there, I believe they were never mentioned even once. I remember covering things like VFW meetings and church rummage sales.  I wrote features about macrame and Victoriana and took a lot of terrible photos and once I got to interview one of the county commissioners.

The first or second day, I came to work wearing a nice pair of pants and a nice shirt.  I remember that I ironed the shirt. Part way into the morning, one of the women there quietly pulled me aside and whispered, “We’re not allowed to wear pants here.” I said, “I don’t have anything else,” and I didn’t – I was a poor college student, and my professional wardrobe was almost nonexistent.

The next day, Tuesday,  I wore my other pair of pants – buying those two pairs of pants had really set back my budget. I could see all the women who worked there eyeing me silently – not with disapproval, but like they were waiting for something.  But no one said anything – not the boss (who was the only man working there), not his daughter, not any of the ladies behind the counter or at the other desks.

On Wednesday, I wore the first pair of pants again.

On Thursday, everyone came to work wearing pants, including the owner’s daughter, and that was that.




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  1. Shauna says:

    It’s like the opposite of the story of, for the want of a shoe the war was lost. 🐴

    And in a good way! 👠 Ha!!!

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