Day or night


We voted last weekend, and then found that early voting made us much more anxious. All week, we struggled to sleep, we got overwrought on Facebook, we helplessly, angrily pored over hundreds of news reports and tweets and blogs.

This weekend, we tried to take a step back – go out and about and enjoy the crisp fine weather.

It was a beautiful weekend, really – great food, blue skies, flowers on the dinner table and roasts in the oven. By tonight, we felt better.

Sort of. We came to see that whatever happens, this whole election is not about to be over, not for years. One way or the other, we don’t get out of this that easily. The point is whether we will have a chance to, or whether it is the beginning of the end.

What will Tuesday bring us? A new day, or a long, cruel night?






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