Things said to us this weekend in New York


The people at the next table at Lucien: “Are you in town for Fashion Week?”

The man in line in front of us at Fairway Market: “Did you come to get away from the cold?”  (Me: “Actually, yes.”)

Woman of our age at one of the Serra shows at Gagosian: “That sculpture is particularly wonderful when you’re looking down on it from Mrs. Pulitzer’s office.”

Our drunk new best friend on the 5 train: “I can never beat the express, can you? You guys are going to a restaurant? Why are you going so late? I’m meeting my buddy! Should I change at Union Square?”

Young man on the 6 train: “That’s a very nice earring you have on, sir.” (Terry: “Thank you, and that’s a very nice lizard you’re wearing.”)

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