A walk in Skaneatles


Our paver for this week is a cobbled path along Skaneatles Lake in New York state.  Skaneatles, at the top of the lake, is a little town with a fair amount of money – this is a place to live if you like scenic prospects, velvety lawns, and regattas – chilly privilege at play.  This is not to say that I dislike it.  It’s really beautiful.

One thing I always think about when I remember this town is the lake.  It has a classical beauty, broad, softly gleaming, fringed with low hills.  And in this day and age it still has water that is wonderfully clean.  The water in Skaneatles Lake is so pure that towns and cities as far off as Syracuse use it, unfiltered.

This walk borders the north edge of the lake.  I think of walking there, from time to time, of standing at this spot and looking across the water.  You just feel rested, remembering it.

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