1. The right to arm bears


2.    This glossy circular delivered to my home mailbox. My home mailbox.  My home mailbox.
3.    Interpreting personal consumer data with pinpoint accuracy? Perhaps not quite there yet.
4.    An invitation for my foot to get blown off.
5.    Sorry, neighbor! Did that hit you?
6.    This circular also offers “technology advanced ammunition” such as copper-plated hollow points.  One line of hollow points  is called CCI Swamp People and its tag line, right on the box, is: “CHOOT ‘EM!”
7.    Really, it is.  An economical 375 rounds for $28.99.
8.    Among those shot this weekend in Chicago: a six-year-old boy, riding in a car with his mom. He is the sixth child age 7 or younger shot in Chicago since June 30.

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