Are we extinct yet?


Well, this has been a fun week.  Some idiot tried to poison the president and some senators.  Some guy was arrested on the Capitol grounds with a loaded gun.  The big hero Congress chickened out on even the meekest little bit of gun control. Instapundit called Gabrielle Giffords – yes, the congresswoman who got shot in the head by some lunatic – a bully.   A radio host told the Newtown parents they were victimizing him, and they should go to hell. A London paper reported that an unpublished US government study predicts a violent global food crisis due to climate change, starting any day now. A fertilizer factory in Texas,  full of volatile chemicals, utterly lacking in safety systems and set in the middle of a residential neighborhood, blew up, killing dozens (11 of them firefighters) and leveling most of the town. (Two of the town’s three schools had been across the street from the plant – nice!)  And I almost forgot – an American city got bombed.

Could we please just go on to the next thing? The part where we put aside our differences  (sourly, happily, I don’t care, whatever) and work together to, you know, ensure our survival?

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