The price


Tonight we are not as sad, but we are angrier – a cold anger, edged with disgust and shame. Americans are 5% of the people on earth, and we own 50% of the guns on earth.  And this is not part of our great historic tradition, either, sorry, NRA liars.  More and scarier guns are concentrating in ever fewer hands.   Ever more often, they are used in vicious rampages – this year alone, 16 mass murder “events” in the US.  Sixteen. Events. We have accepted all of this, again and again – we are willing to hand over so many lives, so many times, and turn our backs on the social contract, in order to not have to do anything.

Haggling – that’ s what it is.  You can bully us.  You can have your killer toys. And maybe a teeny bit of regulation.  Just let me get back to my quiet time with this episode of 30 Rock.  We have already shown the price we are willing to pay, over and over.

And so for tonight, I am angry, and I am also ashamed.

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