9 thoughts about the Cleveland Museum of Art


1. This painting is The Tape, by Michael Borremans, painted in 2010.
2. Walking through a great, brilliantly curated art museum is like a walk through history.  You are always seeing signposts of the overthrow of an old order.
3. Among the beautiful works in the Columbus Museum of Art is one of the two Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons paintings by JMW Turner – the other one is in Philadelphia.
4. Also here: Stag at Sharkey’s by George Bellows; Claude Monet’s The Red Kerchief, so much more introspective and distant than the typical Monet; Albert Ryder’s weird, unsettling The Race Track.
5. I could go on with this, but hell.
6. Exhilarating and exhausting – that’s what seeing this museum was like; and we were only there a couple of hours because we had to get back on the road.
7. Next time in Cleveland, 9591 Iris wants to visit the antiquities.
8. Another great signpost of overthrow in this great collection: Joan Mitchell’s Metro.
9. The thing with Borremans is that, despite the captivating, refined detail and polish of his portraits, his view, at heart, is cryptic , anonymous. This is not a specific person doing a recognizable thing. This person is not a surgeon readying himself for the operating room: it is not clear who or what he is, nor what he is about to do.

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