Stranded, in the dark

By this morning we’d heard from, or about, most of our friends along the East Coast.  Some did fine all along.  Some got their power back just last night, at 4 AM.  Some got through with adequate supplies and great neighbors. Some are not doing well at all – no electricity, no heat, no water, their homes ravaged, the weather turning colder and families to keep alive.  For them, after a few days, it has become obvious the end point is not anywhere nearby, and all this is no longer a terrific adventure.  They are stranded. They are angry.  And so would I be.

We can’t all be heroes, and for us to wade into this situation would only take resources away from the people who really need them.  You know what does help? Money.  This page lists several relief organizations that are in place already.  At our house, we have already given to the Humane Society of America (which helps pets, wildlife and farm animals); Community Foodbank of New Jersey; and Feeding America.

This is something you can do. So do it.

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